Custom Print Layout Details

If you decide to order the ebook and print designs separately, the minimum price of the print layout will start at $70, but is typically closer to $120. Bundled pricing (ebook + print) is available at +$50 to the price of whichever package (Economy or Pro) you’ve chosen and proofed together with the ebook.

We have developed a design process specifically for bundling so that we can finalize the ebook cover together before all the print details are ready. This way, you will have the front cover (ebook) art available for promo and other pre-release work. And then we’ll finalize the print layout later, when you have confirmed the final details. The exact details of this process differ for Premade and Custom orders due to the unique nature of each type of design.

Here is a preview of the print info that we’ll need during the process.

  • What the book’s trim size will be (for example: 6×9)
  • What company you’re printing with (KDP, or LightningSource/IngramSpark)
  • What color paper you will print on (cream or white). Cream paper is thicker than white paper, so this will effect the final spine size.
  • The final page count (this can be a guesstimate to start with). The fully formatted, ready-to-print page count of your manuscript will determine the final spine width.
  • The back cover blurb
  • Optional: links to your website or social media (available on all trim sizes), a brief author bio (only available on 6×9 trim size), or author photo (only available on 6×9 trim size, must be 500×500 pixels @ 300dpi at minimum). 
  • For Lightning Source or IngramSpark ONLY, we’ll also need: 1) The ISBN, 2) The price, if you’d like it embedded in the barcode on the back cover, 3) Gloss or Matte finish on the cover

For more details on the design process, please visit the How It Works page.

If the spine size and/or back text are still pending during the proofs, we’ll develop the design together like normal with the information submitted via the Preliminary Form. Once approval goes through**, the ebook JPGs will be finalized and emailed to you. At that point, the print layout will be saved until you submit the final print details (final page count and/or finalized back text) via the Final Print Form. We will update the spine and text of the approved version of the print layout at that point and send the final, print-ready PDF within 1-3 business days.

If you have any questions, just send an email, or visit the FAQ. And don’t forget to review the How It Works page to learn more.

I loved that Christa listened and took on board everything that I wanted. She worked with me to create the perfect cover for my book. She was patient and helpful.

Tee Smith, Collecting Scars

Christa is a talented artist, who really listens to the author before beginning a project…Her time management and organizational skills are excellent. I was concerned that the cover wouldn’t be scary enough, but [she] took my concept and ran with it, and nailed it! It far exceeded my expectaions. I couldn’t ask for a better cover.

Rick Poveromo, Blood Dance

I have to say that the cover of this book is what initially caught my attention, and was, ultimately, what drew me in. {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Rachel Lightwood, Amazon Review for Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde by Anya Monroe

[Clients of P&S are] getting a quality product that’s incredibly professional and it will allow their book to stand out from all other indie books.

Cheyanne Young, Not Your Fault

I think the different available services, from pre-made to the various tiers of custom work are important. As an indie author, I appreciate the ability to balance expense with the level of customization and detail.

Laurie Baxter, A Charlie Brown Christmas & Who Does He Think He’s Fooling?

Efficient, Professional, Creative

Aria James, Hearts of Larceny

...Christa was amazing with responding to my emails. I asked many questions and not once did she make me feel like I was a bother. She made the entire process enjoyable and exciting. She did everything I asked and had [the premade cover] for me in under three days. All of this took away a ton of stress and I plan to work with her again.

Jami Wagner, Date in the Dark

I was really intrigued by this book mainly from the cover. I know you aren’t suppose to judge a book by one, but it’s gorgeous…  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Amazon Customer, Amazon Review for Dead Girl Walking by Sharon Sant

I could not be happier...and I will definitely come to [P&S] for book 3, as well as any other books. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work, and for seeing inside my head so brilliantly.

Dena Nicotra, The Weaver Series

It was really easy and friendly from the start. Very clear instructions and everything was organised and efficient. I felt I was in safe hands!

A.J. Waines, Girl on a Train

This book was as beautifully written as the cover.  By page 4 I was already held captive... {Read the Full Review on Goodreads}

Taylor Freeman, Goodreads Review for Birthright by Jessica Ruddick

My narrator said my beautiful cover was one of the main reasons she chose to audition for my audiobook. I’m so thankful for Paper and Sage Designs! This eye-catching cover helped me get the narrator I was hoping for.

Eryn Scott, A Chance for Sunny Skies (audio)

The process was painless. I expressed my ideas and Christa put them into tangible form… Give her your ideas and let her do her thing. That’s all people need to know.

Jessica Ruddick, Birthright

Easy. No hassle.

Peyton Woodson Cooper, True North

People should know that they are in good hands entrusting their book covers with Paper and Sage… Wonderful. Easy. Professional.

SJ West, Watchers & Vampire Conclave

I’ll let you all in on a little secret: I was suckered in by the cover. I mean, just look at it. Look at how cute it is! I want a physical copy for my shelves, because it is absolutely darling. And I’m very happy to announce, that the story inside is just as lovely. This book is charming, well-written, and will hook you in from the start… {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Jill, Amazon Review for Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevigny

I love how I sent Christa so much information and she was able to take what I had imagined and make it so much prettier… Christa was so open about everything I sent her, never making me feel like I was too enthusiastic, but matching my excitement pretty much every step of the way.
Also I love how communicative she is. My previous experience (with a different designer) left me kind of in the dark about what was happening and I didn’t feel like I was actually a part of the process. Christa has been awesome in getting back to me in a timely manner EVERY TIME I reached out to her.

S.M. Smith, A Boy Worth Choosing

As soon as I looked at Christa’s beautiful website I knew that she would design me a perfect cover for The Memory Game. She did and it was a really easy and enjoyable process too. She is enthusiastic and friendly and a pleasure to deal with... I don’t mind saying that as an indie author, I had always designed my own covers and whilst I was happy with what I had done, as soon as I saw what could be done for me, it made me realise that the small extra cost is so worth it and I will certainly use Christa again. I’m so proud of my new cover, and I feel as though that image now adds something to the story contained within.

Sharon Sant, The Memory Game

Christa is friendly, understanding, fast, and designed a cover I simply love! The payments, proof viewing, acceptance, all of it was so easy.

Eryn Scott, The What's in a Name? Series

Christa was professional, receptive to my vision, and a true artist.
I could not be happier with the experience or the results.

K. Vann O’Brien, Wildfire & Avalanche

I’ve been looking into cover designers for a bit, and I made sure I felt my project would be in the right hands before I agreed to anything and I felt Christa was the right designer as soon as she responded back. …[She] was incredibly easy to work with! The little changes I did want, she made without any problem.

Nicole Sobon, The Outbreak Duology

Super friendly and prompt feedback and delivery! Christa is a total joy to work with!

Becky Wicks, Our Frozen Wings

If you’re looking for a skilled and affordable designer, look no further. The communication is excellent, and the end product will make you proud.

DS Black, The Stubbs: A Novella

Thank you for making my novel come to life with your beautiful cover! …I had been shopping around for a few weeks before I realized your service was unprecedented.

B.M. Sandy, Someone to Stay

I fell in love with Paper and Sage the first time I visited the website, and I’ll never go anywhere else for my cover-art. Christa is the ultimate professional and I love all the covers she’s done for me, but the cover for The Standout literally stands out. So many people noticed and complimented it during my Kindle Scout campaign, and I know her work majorly contributed to my success as a Kindle Scout winner.

Laurel Osterkamp, The Standout, Kindle Scout Winner

I gotta say that this book has SO MANY goods! Let's make a list!
1) The cover. ... I was Spellbound! It was catchy, cute, and adorable... {Read the Full Review on Goodreads}

Sasha, Goodreads Review for Meet Me in the Middle by Eryn Scott

I had a great experience working with Paper and Sage. I was feeling so frustrated after looking at dozens of sites… The covers [at P&S] are so current and original, I trust the designer’s pulse on the marketplace and that is really important to me.

Anya Monroe, Heart of Stone

…Simple by Dena Nicotra has an eye-catching cover (especially the single blue eye in the mask), and an interesting blurb…  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

W. Stuart, Amazon Review for Simple by Dena Nicotra

I picked up this book based on the outstanding cover and the intriguing blurb.  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Maxx24, Amazon Review for The Standout: A Robin Bricker Novel by Laurel Osterkamp

I like that I have my own week to hunker down and do the work with the cover designer. That makes it also predictable, so I know when I'm going to see something and when I'll have a cover design. The process is easy, professional, and certain...

George Kayde, Knight in Training Pix of Me and You

My first book by Jessica Ruddick, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. I truly enjoyed this book... Not to mention, I was pulled in thanks to the GORGEOUS cover!  {Read the Full Review on Goodreads}

M. Addison, Goodreads Review for Birthright by Jessica Ruddick

This story is so good! I love that … And this cover!! So cute!  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Nicole, Amazon Review for He’s The One by Kristi Rose

…The beautiful cover matches the beautiful insides and I’ll definitely be recommending this one to my friends… {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Jess, Amazon Review for The Ghost of You by Amanda Burckhard

[Christa] offered detailed explanation[s] of every step … and included me in every aspect of the decision making. When I did not know about dimensions for a blog ad, [she was] ready and willing to help me out without just going over my head with [her] expertise.

Theresa Sopko, Bewilderments of the Eyes

I was initially drawn to this book because of the interesting title and excellent cover art. Very eye-catching… {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

JG, Amazon Review for A Necklace of Souls by R L Stedman

Professional Beautiful Art

Janet W. Ferguson, The Southern Hearts Series

The cover of the book is amazing. The author of this book does really well at writing the characters…  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Tulalu111, Amazon Review for Soul Journey by Miranda Shanklin

I loved the huge selection of premades. [A]ffordable and…beautifully made.

Lindsey Sablowski, Bloodline Inheritance

I really enjoyed working with Christa. The process was easy, and she responded quickly to questions and comments. I’m really excited to show my cover to the world.

Jessica L Randall, Lovers’ Quarrel

…professional, stylish, and personable…

Rebecca Jamison, Chemistry Lessons

Working with Paper and Sage was awesome – I enjoyed every minute of the collaboration. Creating covers to work well alongside each other must be hard and I could never have imagined they would come out so well, capturing the tone and the essence of The Estate Series perfectly. Christa has such an amazing vision and is fast, efficient, and above all friendly.

Mel Sherratt, The Estate Series

...Overall, a brilliant book and, not to mention, the cover is gorgeous.  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Amazon Customer, Amazon Review for Mind of the Phoenix by Jamie McLachlan

…This is Christian YA at its finest starting with an amazing cover that I can’t stop looking at… {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Kara Grant, Amazon Review for Of the Persecuted by Angie Brashear

Awesome book and loving the new cover{Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Amanda Ryder, Amazon Review for Broken by SJ West

I was really impressed that Christa took the time to make sure I was satisfied… she rolled with whatever suggestions and feedback I gave her [and it] was really encouraging in terms of knowing you’re getting a quality product. Now, I’ve got a beautiful, eye-catching cover!

K. Ryan, Finding Emma

The cover of this book caught my attention right away and once I started reading, I wasn’t able to put this one down… {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Chey, Amazon Review for North Pole Reform School by Jaimie Admans

I picked up this book because of the cover but I have gotten completely hooked on SJ’s writing and her imagination. I have completed the entire series and am waiting on the next book.  {Read the Full Review on Amazon}

Flannel Quilter, Amazon Review for Cursed by SJ West

Although it bills itself as a pre-made cover outlet, P&S actually rides the line between one-on-one designer support and a straight “here’s your cover” download experience. It’s somewhere between custom and pre-made. I liked that a lot. There’s a definite need in this market for a service like that... I liked that I was able to type in a title and my name, then pass it off for a professional tweaking.

Benjamin Sobieck, Glass Eye

Everything was perfect. You embraced my vision and designed an amazing cover that I can be proud of! Very professional and author friendly service!

Mandy Fender, Defier

Christa is a joy to work with.

Lana Voynich, Away from Here

Working with Christa was thoroughly enjoyable! …[I]t’s easy and well worth the money!

Jo Hook, Would You Share Your Secret?

It was so easy to make changes and approve the design. Easy……Professional……Friendly.

Gia Riley, Between the Pain

**Please do not expect to receive additional proofs when the final page count and back text are ready. Be sure you are happy with the back and spine layout as well as the front cover when you submit your approval.