Bundles a print layout with your cover for additional savings.

   Regular price: $75-$100+     Bundle price: $50

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Bundles a social media header with your cover for additional savings.

   Regular price: $25     Bundle price: $20

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Desiger's Preference: Allows your designer more flexibility when adapting the cover with your text. This can include replacing “and” with “&” or changing Title Case to ALL CAPS, depending on space and balance for the over-all design. (Recommended Option)

Preserve Mine: The capitalization, punctuation and symbols entered below will be used exactly as entered on the first proof for your order. If text is entered with Title Case below, we will use Title Case (not ALL CAPS), etc.

Place your book’s number and a colon before the title to adjust the cover order for your series.

E.g., "2: Your Title", if you want to use this cover for the second book in your series.

If you have not decided on a title yet, type "TBD".

Type the series name above as it should appear. E.g. My Series : Book One or My Series, Book 1 or Book 1 of My Series, etc.

If you have not decided on a series name yet, type "TBD".

Use the date format you want on the image.

If you’d like to advertise the pre-order date instead, please enter “Pre-Order” before the date to let us know.

Fields are case sensitive. Be sure to match all capitalization, punctuation, and symbols (& @ * etc.).

Digital Box Set


Add a digital box set image for your series. More details in the description below.



Add a digital box set image for your series.

Flat (2D) Sets:

  • The flat (2D) version is required at certain sites (iBooks, Smashwords).
  • Flat (2D) versions will feature the front cover of each book with a minimal background (no stock purchases included in the price).

3D Sets:

  • The 3D version is more common for Amazon/Kindle and other retailers.
  • 3D versions will feature the first cover as the left/front of the box set, and an adapted version of each spine/cover for the coordinating spine.

If you need both a flat (2D) and 3D version for your series, please add each version to the cart.

Please note: We need all finalized versions of the covers to design the box set(s). If the series is not finished (or finalized in the next 30 days), wait to purchase the box set.

For more information visit the add-ons page.

Additional information


Exclusive Standard Royalty-Free

Digital Box Set Type

3D, Flat (2D)

Flat (2D) Specs

2700x1800px, 72dpi, JPG

3D Specs

2700×2250 (may vary depending on the number of books in the series), 300dpi, JPG

Number of Books Included

2-4 Titles, 5-6 Titles